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What They’re Saying

Netbait has been a huge part of my success during my career as a tournament angler. From local tournaments, regional, open level professional events, and eventually the Bassmaster Elite Series and Bassmaster Classic. I have confidence that regardless of where I am fishing, Netbait has a bait and color that I can count on for top finishes.

- Greg Vinson, Bassmaster Elite Pro
  • gv

NetBait has a bait for all situations. If I'm fishing a highland clear water reservoir or one of the shallow grass lakes of Florida, Netbait has a bait for all situations and conditions. The attention to detail is unparalleled with any other and is why Netbait is my "Go to Bait" whether competing on tour or fun fishing.

- Kelley Jaye, Bassmaster Elite Pro
  • kjaye

Netbait is a must for me whenever I am on the water. From fun fishing to fishing the FLW tour, it gives me the versatility and confidence I need where ever I am fishing. Netbait has one of the widest varieties of colors, whether I am needing a Paca Chunk for a jig or a B Bug to flip, they have the color and variety I need.

- Micha Frazier, FLW Tour Pro
  • frazier